Family visits

This past week The Babs and Mr. B rolled into town for a visit. We had a week chock full of visiting, hanging out, and generally enjoying some time together.

Mr. B ate far too many meals at the new Mexican restaurant. He also told me some tales of his high school days that I can't repeat on this blog....or anywhere else, for that matter.

The Babs got to spend some time with her mom, also known as Bird.

Towards the end of our week together everyone rallied at a family birthday party held in honor of Bird. A 93 year young daughter of a blacksmith, maker of macaroni and cheese, master gardener, canner of all things edible, dipper of snuff, lover of Harvey Wallbanger Cake, mother to eight children, and for many years a member of the "Amen Corner" in her church. Happy Birthday to Bird, we all love you.

And a sad goodbye to Babs and Mr. B.....we miss you already.


  1. that sounds grand, I love old people. You make me miss my gran, she lived to be 99. sounds like the restaurant is doing well!

  2. Karen - the restaurant is doing very well! Bird is a wonderful lady and lived a hard life in the appalachia region.

  3. Am I misremembering, or didn't you and your mother come to stay with your Granny when your daddy deployed to Turkey? I seem to recall that this is how you joined us in Smalltownland and met Secret Agent Man...

  4. AiredaleGirl - you are correct! I also lived in Smalltownland in the 3rd grade when my Dad deployed to Iran. You have a good memory...

  5. Bird sounds like quite a character. . . a good character! A late happy birthday to her.


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