They've got me surrounded

This morning I was standing in the kitchen eating my bowl of cereal. Toots was eating her breakfast and we were both waiting for the Deerslayer to get dressed so we get could get rolling to school. A pretty ordinary morning.

But what did my wondering eyes appear?

Was that a cat frolicking out in the yard?

Per chance it was a rabid squirrel?

I wandered over to the side door to take a look.

And then I saw it people. A skunk. A little bitty, half grown skunk....flopping around my yard like he was a kitten. Rolling around in the grass as happy as a clam. Not a care in the world. This was my chance. My opportunity to prove myself as a hardened, experienced farm woman. Did I get a gun? Did I even get my camera? That would be a big negatory to both of those. I got the phone and dialed up Secret Agent Man. Not like that was going to do me any good at all. The man drives an hour just to get to work. I tell him about the skunk situation with only a slightly raised voice. He chuckles. This does not help at all, but then again, what was I expecting. He tells me to get the Deerslayer to "get rid of it". As he is telling me this the little skunk frolics by the tree swing, does a couple of laps around the mailbox and runs right down the hillside to our natural springs.

He is gone. Only to mature and reproduce. Obviously if I am going to remain a "Farmchick", I am going to have to work more on the "farm" part.


  1. I couldn't have hurt it. I know the penalty where we used to live in Scotts Valley, I nicknamed it Skunks Valley. But a happy frolicking little critter deserves to live another day. I know, stay in the suburbs.

  2. Aww... I couldn't have hurt it either. Even though we think we had a skunk under the house last year and that was a pretty stinky situation... but a little baby frolicking? Couldn't hurt it if I wanted to!

  3. OK, it was awfully cute. However, I know it will grow up and spray one of my dogs! Although, I have to say, two of the dogs were outside watching flop around in the yard. I think they are used to the skunk chasing them around.

  4. they are kind of cute, even though I wouldn't want to get too close to one. You should have took a picture!

  5. I think it was taunting you.

  6. You've got your Magic Deskunking Recipe at hand, so you're prepared. I can't fathom SAM successfully capturing a skunk without collateral damage when he was the Deerslayer's age- so I'm not entirely sure that it was one of your husband's more inspired ideas.

    Don't worry about the "farm" part of that equation too much. It wouldn't go too far to reducing your horror of the little strip'ed fellers. My mother grew up on a farm and they're enough to fray her usually-steely nerves.

  7. Don't worry. It won't bother you if you don't bother it.
    Just admire it from a safe no-spray zone. tee hee


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