The week in review, part two

This week has been better than the previous week. Less rain, so that is a plus. More flowers blooming and the garden is sprouting. Finally spring has sprung. However, this week has not been without its life lessons and interesting surprises.

  • When cleaning your daughter's room always check behind the door. You may just find some interesting decorations written in, oh let's say....lipgloss. It is going to take some nuclear cleaning to get that stuff off of there.
  • When the pet owner in charge forgets to buy more cat food, said cat will default to eating dog food. It is now a proven fact.
  • Duct tape is nothing short of a miracle right here on this earth.
  • Sometimes there really is such a thing as too much rain.
  • When you are trying to Google some information about raising the ph levels in your pool, you just might come across information about how to transform your pool into a trout pond.....for fun and profit. That is some recycling/repurposing right there people. Seriously.

Peace, love, and lipgloss

The Farmchick


  1. Wow. A trout pond. That would be entertaining! Ah, the stuff you learn on the internet!!

    (And why lip gloss?)

  2. The lip gloss is for all of the lip gloss I found behind my daughter's bedroom door this week. (see bullet number one) It is gross and she drew some designs with it, naturally. I have cleaned and cleaned it and there is still some residue left. Yuck.

  3. Love that color iris, that is one I don't have any more. do you have a lot? Want some more come over.

    We are having rain too, every day. It's been hard on the garden the ground is like thickened soup.

  4. Karen - I have two landscape areas with Iris in the color. I also just had some light blue come up. I really do love them and they look great, but they don't last long enough.

  5. Oh the lessons of life. Bet lip gloss comes off easier than my daughters chosen pen-a sharpie!

  6. Tipper - I love the Sharpie at work, but it is a nightmare at home.


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