The week in review

The above picture is an excellent example of what the past two weeks have been like here in Smalltownland. Wet, wet, wet, cloudy, cloudy, 30 seconds of sunshine, wet and then cloudy. Everything is drenched and a tad bit smelly. There are ponds on our farm where no ponds should be and five wet dogs can create a lot of stink.

All of this poor weather has been dumping all kinds of water in that hot-mess of a pool I have been diligently trying to clean out. Today I scooped out a dead slug. If I were a really brave blogger I would include a picture of said pool. That ain't happenin'.

This morning our local radio station played several songs in an ode to Mother's Day. A couple were quite touching and then they let loose with the Garth Brooks' classic, "Momma's in the Graveyard and Poppa's in the Pen". Just another reason I enjoy living here.

Who can believe that Lil' Kim was voted off of "Dancing with the Stars"? I made an audible gasp when the announcement was made and Toots just sat there with her mouth hanging open. Clearly I underestimated the voting capacity of the cowboy population.

Toots played an excellent softball game this week. Yes, she did get to play on a soggy field with rain heavy clouds in the sky. One of the more ridiculous highlights of the game was watching the coach, of the opposing team, stomp her feet and throw a "hissy" when her team lost. Klassy.

I thought I had really been keeping my new Caddy clean. However, when I let Toots out at school, one day this week, she walked out with a chocolate Teddy Graham stuck to her butt. Obviously I have not been persistent enough in this area.

While driving around Smalltownland this week I heard Tina Turner singing some, "Proud Mary". I love that song and while singing along I had a flash. Both Tina and myself left good jobs in the city.

There you have it people. All my personal news that is fit to print. Over and out.


  1. Definitely fit to print and charming as usual.

  2. I can so relate to that picture.

    It's been raining practically non-stop since May 1st. We've had almost 9" of rain and the backyard is a bog.

  3. You may have left a good job in the city...but your still working for the man every night and day.
    I can't believe you have let Ruby get into such a mess. Shame...Shame.

  4. Dejoni - You are right about that...still working for the man, but only contracted for 180 days per year.

  5. I hear you about ponds being where they shouldn't be. The ground is still making the 'I'm too wet' sounds!


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