Creatures of the night

Whew....running this Appalachian Wildlife Preserve is some hard work. Between the cows, skunks and turkeys, it's hard to get some decent rest around this place. Throw in some unruly wood bees, spiders, and fighting hummingbirds, and this Farmchick needs a vacation.

A vacation that includes a restful, undisturbed night. With no barking dogs in the middle of the night. When the barking does not subside, I am forced to go outside in my....uhh...nightclothes and take a look around. This also means that I am outside, in sheer and utter darkness, using my "authoritative" voice trying to get a sassy Jack Russell Terrier out of the garage. This also usually means that I give up, go back to bed, and ten minutes later Secret Agent Man is outside in his....nightclothes, making the dog come inside.

A garage that held this lovely creature. Here we find him in the glow of early morning. He looks very demure in this photo, but I know he is one wily, nasty little dude. Complete with germs and drool that hangs in strings from the rafters all the way to the floor of the garage. I love nature.

Not to worry, this creature finally ran off to join his wildlife brethren. The Deerslayer tried to gently persuade him to give up his comfy spot by shooting around him with some BB's. He was not injured, and he was also not giving up this spot.

Secret Agent Man came home later in the day and used his trusty raccoon removal tool to shoo the creature out of the garage. In case you are wondering, it was a garden rake. Yes, the man stood under the raccoon and poked him with a garden rake. I had my camera poised ready to photograph the moment when the raccoon jumped down upon his head. Alas.....this did not happen. (Darn it) The raccoon took off and now all is right with the world.

Until our next debacle.....over and out.


  1. That raccoon looks to be thinking, "They can't see me, they can't see me."
    Cute picture. They are adorable little critters but boy are they mean.
    Cute post!
    Oh, and I would have been waiting with camera in hand also!! tee hee

  2. Well I'm glad Secret Agent man still has his head intact :)

    I greatly enjoyed your ride-you take the best pictures.

  3. I was seriously hoping you were gonna tell me SAM got bite on the ear by this raccoon and now was in need of a series of rabies shots.
    And exactly what kind of nightclothes are ya'll wearing while running all over the countryside????

  4. those buggers can hurt you! but you know that.

  5. I agree with Becky, they are cute, but they can be pesky little creatures. My sister has been having visits from them as well.

  6. We've had a raccoon that showed up at the lakehouse. I caught him on our back deck, eating the sunflower seeds out of the birdfeeder two weeks ago. This past weekend I caught him in the burn pile. Argh!

  7. This is a bad mental image of SAM. If he ever does dislodge a raccoon onto his head, I'm counting on you to get a picture- so we can stick that sucker in the next class reunion slideshow.


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