Let's bust some clay pigeons

Today marked the second time that The Deerslayer has competed in our state's annual trap shooting competition.

So, this meant that we hauled out the luggage (again), packed up, and hit the road for a two hour journey to the state shooting meet.

He did a great job.

So great in fact, that he shot his highest score ever. We are so proud of him and exhausted as all get out.


  1. Congrats to Deerslayer! We have a young but really talented group here in the 'burg.

  2. My great uncle competed in this event until he was 96, when he won the senior category at the state meet. I guess it proves that this is a sport you can continue to compete in for many, MANY years as long as your health holds up!

    Congratulations to the Deerslayer! (And props to the 'rents for driving him to this thing. I bet SAM was about to bust a gut with pride.)

  3. My son would enjoy the heck out of that. I've got to check into it. He already has a compound bow that he loves to shoot. And he's pretty good at it.

  4. AiredaleGirl - yes, SAM was about to die with pride.

    Twisted - My son also has a bow and hunts, alot. He is very into the outdoors kind of thing. This sport has allowed him some friendly competition while fitting right into something that he loves.

    Constance - You are right! We do have some great kids for such a small town.

  5. Good job Deerslayer!! I bet SAM was a proud poppa!


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