Let's take a drive

Not much has been going on here in Smalltownland since school let out for the summer. Rainy, lazy mornings have been the norm, thus far. A few days ago I decided to take a drive out to the southern end of the county. A drive to my favorite garden center, run by a family of sisters. They are the owners of this slanty little barn, beautiful flowers, and some of the fattest chickens known to man.

Lilies are everywhere. Growing carefree on the sides of every country road I drove down.

Sunny creek beds run right through every patch of land.

On my journey storm clouds started moving in for the day.

As I was leaving the garden center I discovered a deer checking me out from the side of the road. She was very patient and let me take a few shots of her, before she scurried away.


  1. Beautiful pictures!
    When can we go again? tee hee

  2. so awesome. It looks a lot like where I live when we go out into the country. don't you love an afternoon storm?

  3. Thanks for the little trip through the country. Beautiful area you live in!

  4. I still haven't gotten out there. Please tell me next time your going so I can tag along.


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