The mothership has landed.

Let us all gaze upon the loveliness of my brand spankin' new heat pump. I think it looks like an alien spaceship. Maybe it's those legs it is sitting on. Now....let's not look at this picture anymore, because it gives me the urgent feeling that I need to sell my kidney on the black market to pay for it.

Instead, let's look at this hot mess. This was created when the two nice workmen said, "Can you empty that closet so we can use that attic access?" Holy mother of pearl, what a mess. Said closet resides in my spare bedroom and everything that gets put into it is "stuff" that I generally don't want to have to deal with at that moment.

The picture doesn't even show the half of it and I can't believe that I am showing it to the world.

On the upside, we found so many things that we had forgotten about. Long lost pictures, toys, purses, and a plethora of plastic dinosaurs.

Toots decided that they needed to be sorted into piles, according to size.

She even found a pair of jockey goggles that she purchased at Churchill Downs.

You never know when you are going to need a good pair of jockey goggles people, you just never know.


  1. LOL what a great post! It does look a bit space shippish, which justifies the 4 digit price tag.
    Looks like cleaning out the closet is going to be a party for all!
    We used to have those dinosaurs Kayla would still like a collection like that!

  2. Karen - I can't bear to let those dinosaurs go and I am keeping the little people that I found as well.

  3. I'm waiting to see a video of little antennas and a tail of smoke as the thing takes off to some distant planet. tee hee
    Sounds like a good reason to clean out a closet. You might need to hide from whatever climbs out of that spaceship when the door opens and the catwalk is lowered.

  4. I'm in the middle of Day One of Spaceship Acquisition at my house. I'm not sure what the new outside unit will look like, but this has me sort of scared! Not that I care what it *looks* like, because the 85 degree nights (inside) need to be OVER. Oh, and they found a gas leak from the water heater...BONUS!

  5. Airedale Girl - I wasn't too concerned what it would look like either...but it kind of looks strange with those "legs". I feel so hip having a heat pump with legs. Lucky you! Gas leak! Be careful!


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