My Grannie

This picture is of a little girl raised on a farm in Kentucky. A girl whose parents ran a small store and raised many children in a house far out in the country. A girl whose first name is Annis, the Scottish form of Agnes. A girl who had striking blond hair as a child, that changed into jet black, wavy hair as she grew.

This lovely girl is Mr. B's mom and my Grannie. An accomplished seamstress and quilt maker who used to have my mom take my measurements and she would make clothes for me. She used the extra fabric to make my dolls clothes that matched my own. At the time we lived far away on an Air Force Base and you can't even imagine my surprise at opening a box filled with fabulous clothes that fit me perfectly.

She has told me stories about growing up in a house full of children and staying home from school, at times, to help take care of a baby. As a child she, and a few of her siblings, were stricken with Trachoma, an eye disease with the potential to blind. They were sent to a special home to live and receive treatment. She has told me how the boys and girls were separated. Her brother would stay on his side of the field, and she on her side, and he would read the letters from home to her.

In this picture she is sitting on a car with her future husband, my grandpa. As she would say, they were, "sparkin".

Many years ago, while I was living in the Washington D.C. area, she came for a visit. When we went to the WWII exhibit at a Smithsonian Museum, she told me she had to leave. She said it brought back all the memories of her brothers leaving to fight in the war and the hard times at home.

These days Grannie likes to kick back in her home and watch a little Animal Planet. She is not able to quilt and sew like she used to, but many of her creations are with her family. She is still chock full of stories. She and my dad, Mr. B, have a standing telephone conversation time on Saturday mornings. I am told it can get pretty lively.
Love you Gran.


  1. What an incredible post! Thank you so much for sharing this, definitely my cup of tea. Visit her while you can!

  2. Your Grannie is beautiful. We're blessed to have grandparents still in our lives, aren't we? They've lived such interesting lives!

    I found your blog through My Sister's Farmhouse. Enjoyed stopping by!

  3. I love that your Grannie said she and your Grandfather were "sparkin'"!

  4. Isn't she beautiful? What a blessing to have her in your life yet. Oh, I miss my Grammy!

    Great post! Thanks for sharing your sweet Grannie!

  5. Sweet tribute post to your Grannie.
    I haven't heard the term sparkin' in a long time. So cute!

  6. Oh I loved reading about your Grannie. Her and your grandpa made a very handsome couple when they were sparkin.

  7. I see a little bit of Toots in your grannie's first picture.


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