Say hello to Charlie

A few months ago we became the new parents of a Lab Pointer mix named Charlie. He actually belonged to my brother, Doc, and because of work schedule changes, Charlie needed a new home. So, Mr. B kindly drove him to our farm to join our other four dogs who live in dog heaven. Dog heaven would be 25 acres of running in pastures, chasing squirrels, trotting through ponds, tracking in cow manure, and generally being happy.....and a little dirty.

Young Charlie has adapted well and he has found plenty of things to point at.

He especially loves to hang out in the house and enjoy a good game of Monopoly.

Charlie is still just a pup and he has chewed his fair share of items around the house/farm. But, how could you get upset at a face like that?

We love him and our Jack Russell loves him the most. She gets him down out in the yard and nibbles on his ears. He loves it.

He is definitely here to stay.


  1. Charlie is beautiful! I was thinking you were gone on your trip and hoping you weren't on the Metro!!! Hope all is well in the sticks.

  2. Awww... congrats on your new addition!! I love when they fit in easily! I think it's funny that your other dog chews on his ears!! :)

  3. He's a cutie! And looks happy. If there is an afterlife....I want to come back as a dog and live on your farm with the other dogs!!

  4. I'm glad he was able to find a second home with you. It sounds like he is enjoying himself on the farm! In that one picture, his face reminds me of a Beagle's. :)


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