Finally, school is out for summer here in Smalltownland. But, wait.....that doesn't mean sleeping late and goofing off, yet. The Toots signed up for a week long soccer camp being held in a town that was an hour away. Yes really, an hour away. When I say we are a small town out in the middle of nowhere....I really mean it.

But, it was really worth it. She learned a lot, made new friends and even shed a tear when the week was over. She even won the coaches award, in her age group.

One of her coaches played professional soccer, back in his day, and the other two were college coaches.

And, yes they were from Chile and were totally "easy on the eyes". That made getting up early and driving an hour much easier on my brain.


  1. Easy on the eyes..... ha ha I KNOW what that means....hee hee.
    Your little girl has the legs of a jock! Good for her!

  2. Glad Toots had a good time-even if her Momma did have to get up early : ) School is out here Wednesday-can't wait!

  3. You know, since that was such a long drive, you could have let me go along to help you out oogling the eye candy. Friends do that for other friends.
    Just saying...

  4. Dejoni - I had no idea you had such an interest in soccer....BWAHAHAHA! Hindsight being what it is...we could have even posed with them for pictures...sigh...until next year.

  5. I remember when my kids participated in those summer soccer camps. The coaches were always 'easy on the eyes' and quite personable.

    I'm glad that she had fun!!!


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