It's me.

See these two. They have become fast friends since Charlie has moved to our farmette this past spring. Our Jack Russell, well....she thinks she rules the roost around here. That would include ruling people and animals, cows included.

These two engage in a little social ritual several times a day. It starts off looking very tame, just like this.

Then my Jack Russell goes right for an ear. Charlie seems to be taking it in stride.

Charlie fights right back and can almost fit her little shoulder right in his mouth.

Then it's right for the throat and oddly enough, Charlie seems to be smiling.

Now, it is time for a break. I can assure you they will be right back at it in no time at all.

I think, if dogs could laugh, they would be shrieking and hooting with laughter all the while. Quite often these two will take to chasing each other around the outside of the house during their "social time".
If you don't have a dog, I highly recommend that you don't get must get two.


  1. Truer words were never spoken! Two's perfect!!!

  2. I totally agree..I have two long hair chihuahua's and they play everyday.

  3. They were loving this, you can see! I love my dogs so much. They are such great companions and each has his/her own personality.

  4. it's gotta be love. Might as well get a few more!

  5. I like watching the critters play, too. And putting words in their mouth. Since they can't talk, I narrate for them.


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