On the road again

We are just a band of gypsies. Home for a few days and packed up the next. Traveling down the highway to Babs and Mr. B's house for the 4th of July holiday. This trip has become an annual tradition for the chiclets and myself. And, not just for Bab's homemade mashed potatoes and the neighbors illegal, (yet, highly entertaining) , fireworks display. We have to visit this gentlemanly dog, Hamilton. Otherwise known as: Ham, Hammy, Hambone, The Ham-ster, Hammy-roo, Hammy-licious, etc.... We love to play with him and get him, "stirred up", so that he runs through the house at 100 mph. He is Mr. B's buddy.

A lot of our time was spent at a park near the grandparent's house. It is a park next to a bay where dolphins are known to frolic and children gather to jump from docks. Hermits crabs are collected by the dozens and friendships are made in mere seconds. This year the city held games for the kids and actual prize money was at stake. Here you can see Toots working on her second place victory in the hula hooping contest.

The Deerslayer put his country boy skills to work and spit a watermelon seed 12 & 1/2 feet.

He also placed third in the watermelon eating contest. Whew. There were a few sick kids after this contest.

I should mention that Babs and Mr. B live in the panhandle of Florida near an awesome and well known beach town. And, so we were lucky enough to spend one of our days cooling off at the local water park. The picture shown below depicts a mere fraction of the water park. The place is huge.

Our day at the water park began in the overflow lot where we were waiting for my brother, Doc, to arrive. A Ford Explorer parks next to us. I think nothing of it. It is a couple of years old with some excellent spinning rims, but even that is becoming common place these days. But, wait. The family starts to exit and the doors open up like a Lamborghini. Fabulous. I have to tell the chiclets to stop staring. They are not accustomed to this kind of self expression in Smalltownland.

Speaking of self expression....my favorite, at the water park, had to be the man with this tattoo on his back: HONKY TONK MAN

And, yes it was large.

We made it back home, all safe and sound. Some time left in the summer to be lazy and hang out on the farm. Pick some blackberries and swim in the pool.
This gypsy is finished with her travels. Maybe....


  1. Sounds like fun, right down to watching the dog go 100 mph.
    Oh, and hoola hooping and watermelon see spitting.....FUN, FUN, FUN!

  2. Sounds like you had a great time!

    I recognize that water park. We drove past it several times while we were at the beach a few weeks ago. It was always packed.

  3. that water park is too big for me. now the dog? you can tell how much a dog is loved by the quantity of nick names he has.
    12 and 1/2 feet? DUDE!!!

  4. Looks and sounds like you guys had a great trip!!

  5. Karen - we could just put you on a tube and float you down the lazy river all day long!


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