Preparing for fall....already

This weekend we all loaded up and drove to the farm co-owned by Secret Agent Man's brother, also known as Flyboy. This is a 180 acre spread that dates back to the early 1800's. In fact, part of the farm is bordered by a dry stone fence that was built during that time. That is an entire post of its own, coming in a couple of days.

Onto the chores.....salt blocks had to be placed at various deer stands that are located around this farm. Several men, (a tight knit group of friends and Flyboy), hunt together on this land, and they are kind enough to allow our son, The Deerslayer, to join them each year.

I will go ahead and tell the truth here. This is not a chore in which I usually participate. Plopping salt blocks out of the back of a pickup truck is not really my cup of tea, but Secret Agent Man promised some interesting scenery. And, he rolled out a special chariot, just for me.

Here is the road that we started out on, and then we ended up on not much of a road at all. After we dropped off several blocks my real surprise came.

The Deerslayer took the wheel. He did a pretty good job most of the way. Except for that one time when he couldn't find the brake.....

After we finished our task we stopped at the teeny-weeny community next to our farm for their annual community festival. We made it just in time for the parade. We saw the usual beauty queens and tractors, but this little gem had to be my favorite. Straight out of Ghostbusters and onto the parade route. I think I need this wagon to drive around town. I could have the swankiest "grocery getter" around.

These two mules were pulling the wagon of one of the nicest gentlemen I know. He drives them around our small town and they are just beautiful. He has a special Jack Russell who rides beside him in the wagon as well.

One of the Shriners in the parade gave Toots a hot pink fez....too bad she wouldn't model it for me.


  1. Now I'm depressed. Fall equals going back to school and I am so not ready!

  2. Don't The Deerslayer and Dr. AiredaleParent represent the two ends of the age spectrum in this happy little band of hunters? I hope they got a block down near Daddy's treehouse (oh, sorry, DEER STAND- don't tell him that the truth is out) so he'll have some deer to watch. That's mostly what he does nowadays.

    I can also remember when that ambulance was still in use...the big van bodies didn't come into use until we were about halfway through elementary school. It IS straight out of Ghostbusters!

  3. Airedalegirl - yes, your parent and my son do represent the two ends of the age spectrum. I think it is a nice group of men for the Deerslayer to hang out with during the hunting season. A nice mix of personalities. Not to worry....we put out salt blocks EVERYWHERE!

  4. Oh yeah, you would definitely be turning some heads with that "grocery getter". I would SO drive that into town.
    Those mules are beautiful!


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