Sunflower Sunday

This summer we have been been very fortunate to have traveled as much as we have. But, that has meant our garden is not quite a lush as it was last year. We have not been home enough to tend to it properly. We will still harvest some vegetables, just not as many as last year.

However, this has not stopped the sunflower crop from flourishing.

We have sunflowers of every sort.

And, every color.

When I was out taking photographs in the garden you could hear the loud buzz of honey bees working on the sunflowers. They were everywhere. There is one on this close up shot, but he was moving around too much to get a crisp photo of him.

The last row, next to the barn, is the official sunflower row for the garden. After several years of this arrangement, some varieties are strictly, "volunteer", and come up on their own in the spring.

Have a great Sunday and I hope everyone has a few sunflowers in their garden.


  1. love that. My seeds did not sprout guess storing in the shed and experiencing heat and cold ruined them. Love sunflowers just like that, all different. I like to mix something blue with them like heavenly blue morning glories.
    Are you home for awhile now?
    still amazed about that 12 1/2 feet, that is some serious spittin. He must practice a lot.

  2. Oh, yes, I MUST have atleast a few sunflowers. It's just not summer without them.

  3. Beautiful sunflowers. Wish I could grow ones like that up here. My roses have only just started to bloom.

  4. Love them!!! I haven't planted any at the new house. Hmmm...wonder if it's too late to do it now.

  5. I love sunflowers. I meant to plant some this year and just forgot!

    I love the first one, it looks like someone hugged it!!

  6. Jen - Love your thought that someone hugged that sunflower.

  7. Karen - We are home for the rest of the summer. I do have some morning glories, growing over an old barn gate. I have no idea where my son learned to spit a seed like that. Promise.


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