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Some of you who read this blog know that I live in the great state of Kentucky. It is known for many things, specifically Bourbon, horses, and stone fences. What you may not realize is that it is a Karst landscape. Full of limestone, (for all of those stone fences), and caves. With all of those caves comes natural springs and sinkholes. Here on our farmette we have both a natural spring and a cave. We also have a few sinkholes that dot our farm landscape. Sinkholes are a natural part of everyone's landscape around our area and generally we don't think much about them. Except, when one decides to open up on the side of your yard.

Yes, one decided to open up on the side of our yard. Technically it would fall under the category of a cover collapse. It is an odd thing when you are standing on the pool deck thinking, "Is that a hole in the yard?" Not so good. The diameter was only about two feet, but it was much deeper. We put a fancy lid on it to discourage nosy dogs....and kids.

So, Secret Agent Man brought in a team of experts. Rico, Trooper, The Deerslayer, and Secret Agent Man convened to dig out the sinkhole yesterday morning. The sinkhole was dug out past eight feet deep and will be filled with a graded sized rock. This is not a total, "fix it", but it will help provide drainage so that the land will not continue to wash away. We actually think the area under this drains to the cave on our property. Interesting, for sure, but we don't want to be rappelling into cave territory.

Many thanks go out to Rico for providing the piece of equipment and to Southern Fried Momma. I know she missed him yesterday morning.

The Deerslayer and Charlie supervised the proceedings until everything was finished. Now I have a lovely pile of dirt in the yard. BONUS!


  1. I have a couple of supervising experts like that at my house :)

  2. wow that would be a scary thing around kids and critters, glad you got it fixed. We used to experience a much milder form of that with a yard full of gophers. One time in the garden an entire area just caved in all due to their digging and I guess digesting of the dirt because it just dissapears. Glad this story has a happy ending and we gardening folks always appreciate good dirt!

  3. Never a dull moment at your house, is it? Glad that you were able to get it fixed.

  4. Just so's you know...Rico came home and told me you served them breakfast in your bikini and if I was a good wife, I would be doing the same.
    I didn't believe him.

  5. Dee from Tennessee

    Off topic here, but I usually have my sound "muted," but didn't this evening and LOVE hearing Old Crow!

    Always enjoy your posts!

  6. Makes you wonder what it looks like just under the surface of the soil.
    Glad you found it before something bad happened.
    I'm curious to know just how deep it was.

  7. Well, at least the boys were able to fix it with a bobcat. My uncle insists that sinkholes are why we have to have a full-size backhoe on our farm up near Owensboro!

  8. That's neat that you have a cave on your property... but I bet those sinkholes are a pain in the rear!!

  9. that is scary. I guess be glad it didn't appear at the edge of your house. Caves I like, sink holes I don't like.


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