It's the Loooooooove Shack

Secret Agent Man's twin brother, Flyboy, lives in the fancy, big city. However, you wouldn't know it. He is here in Smalltownland every chance he gets. Typically, he stays at the hunting/gathering cabin of Trooper. But, here lately, he has been hankering for a place of his own. His own place to spend the weekends and hunt on his property.

Hence, construction began on the cabin in the woods. An A-frame structure being built by Secret Agent Man, Flyboy, Trooper, and Rico. It is a weekend warrior project for sure. All the guys converge on the job site for the weekend and are back at the 9-5 on Monday morning.

So far, things have been going well. No one has been injured and there is running water for the cabin. Yes, it will have electric, cable tv, plumbing, etc... and a nice little loft.

Roofing went on this past weekend. More interior work is set for this coming weekend.

So....really the only question I have about this is: What do you get a middle aged, single man for a make that a "cabin warming" present? A six pack of Bud and a Tink's Scent Bomb?


  1. Air freshener.
    Lots of air freshener.

  2. Oh, brother. Let's hope that Doctors AiredaleParent and Trooper's Daddy don't decide to horn in on this- I remember the results when they poured the floor at the cabin!!!

  3. that's funny. a cabin warming? how bout a cast iron skillet?

  4. Sounds like a good combination to me! Maybe some pork rinds...

    I'm kinda partial to that red...

  5. Very cool...cabin warming gift? Hmmm...large supply of beef jerky??C

  6. Ladies - I think all of you have hit upon the most important gift points: a cooking utensil, beef jerky, pork rinds, and LOTS of air freshener! It looks like a gift basket is in order.

  7. Airedalegirl - Don't you worry...I already ran into your daddy and Doc at the construction site. You know they just can't stand not being in the mix of everything.


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