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Last week I posted this picture for Thoughtless Thursday and received a few comments. I should clarify this a little bit. After each rain we get clusters of these tiny, yellow butterflies all around the farm. They are beautiful. It isn't unusual to see them on flowers and such. However, when I saw them on a chewed up baseball, I was surprised. And, they just wanted to hang out there. I ran and got my camera and wound up with this shot.

This would be the hound who chewed up the butterfly baseball. He will soon turn a whopping one year old. See that nick right between his eyes? That is from his Jack Russell buddy. I believe it is a "love bite". I think he has a loving/understanding/tolerant owner who lets him nap on her sofa.

In other hot farm news our usual three ring circus has settled down just a little bit. Secret Agent Man came home with the first load of rock for the sinkhole. He and the Deerslayer worked up a sweat unloading all that rock. They were starving when they came inside and I know that hamburger helper was just what they were hoping I had fixed for dinner.......

Just so you know....if you see some chick barreling down the highway in a white Mac-Daddy farm truck with a Nature Conservancy tag hanging all cock-eyed on the front....it's me people....make sure you wave.
Peace out


  1. BWAHAHA!!!!
    Good Lord Woman..do I need to come fix your truck???
    Peace Out!

  2. Thanks for clarifying the baseball...I thought it was a plant growing in it...not butterflies:)

  3. Oh, I'll wave for sure.
    And you'll know it's me in my mack daddy farm truck by the dent in the front bumper. tee hee
    It wasn't me.....don't ask. *sigh*

  4. Hello New Friend,

    I popped over from Karen Deborah's blog (she's a dear, dear friend -- in real life -- who said I just had to make your acquaintance). I find myself quite at home here in your country surrounds.

    I find those butterflies fascinating.

    I salute a fellow country gal who drives a pickup or cadillac dependig on her mood (but I NEVER touchs a garbage can if I can help it), battles a sink-hole in the far gardens, and finds the simple life a breath of fresh air.

    I like it around here . . . KD was right. ; D

  5. Love the butterfly photo-so neat. Scary about the sink hole-would hate to stumble upon that in the dark-glad you got it fixed.

  6. Dejoni - You might have to come fix it. If I wait for SAM, it will be hanging on for a while.

    Debbie - Glad to have you along. You never can tell what might happen around here.

    Tipper - 7,000 more pounds of rock was poured into that sinkhole today and covered with soil. We hope that will help with some drainage.

  7. I love your baseball - I see some of those little yellow butterflies cluster on things around here sometimes.

    All this pickup truck talk - my first vehicle was a Chevy truck I bought and drove myself. Red ...


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