Not so long ago our friends Trooper and Blondie got married. Yesterday they welcomed a sweet, little baby boy into the world. He arrived a few weeks early at 4 pounds 5 ounces. He is doing pretty well on his own and we are hoping and praying for his continued success. He is pictured here with his Daddy in the nursery. Southern Fried Momma took this picture yesterday soon after he was born.

If you have a moment today, and feel so inclined, please send up a prayer for Baby A. We would all appreciate it so very much.


  1. I'll be glad to say a prayer for Baby A.

  2. You got it, tiny little guy! But he's bigger than some so we will look on the bright side! Is he breathing alright? I don't see any tubes attached that looks good. If he is going to take after his Daddy he's going to a big guy!

  3. Hi-

    This is my first visit, and I will be back. I am now a follower-


  4. Isn't he the sweetest little thing. Baby, that is...not Trooper. LOL!

  5. Has Blondie's condition improved at all? Little Sister has offered her guest room to anyone who needs to come to the Big City, because the hotels are clogged with Iron Man participants.

  6. On their way! Hope he gets to go home soon.


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