The thought of it makes my back hurt

This past weekend, amidst all of the baby worries, The Deerslayer had a friend stay over. I know what many of you are thinking. Two middle school aged boys....what won't they think of to get into? Actually, it is quite the opposite. As soon as they get together, they are off and running with their own projects. Making their own arrowheads, shooting bows, swimming, and eating.... a lot. This time they decided to pitch the tent in the front yard and have a camp out. It was a little cool for this time of the year, but they were not deterred. They slept out there all night and never once came knocking on the front door.

Secret Agent Man helped them build a campfire and the roasting of marshmallows commenced. I have to say that they were pretty understanding about having an eight year old girl join in on the fun.

Our Jack Russell was fed just a few marshmallows. I did not think this was a good habit to get started.

That dog ended up running off with part of the bag.


  1. My back hurts just thinking of it, too.
    Hey, if they were stingy with those marshmallows, I would have run off with the bag, too. tee hee

  2. How fun! They'll look back one day and remember nights like this and say, "Man ... that makes my back hurt just thinking about it!" ;-)

  3. A small, hyperactive terrier consuming sugar...that's about like having a sugared-up, really fast three year-old on your hands! How did you ever get the marshmallow bag back?

  4. AiredaleGirl - That dog dashed off with the bag and I found it empty in the morning...with teeth marks on it.

  5. This post just made me smile. Big smile, ah, big warm fuzzy. What a mom.


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