Thoughtless Thursday


  1. I love this shot. I had the opportunity to go "home" this summer, and we took a road trip around Louisiana. I saw lots of little grocery stores and gas stations like this along the way. It makes me long for days when these were the norm, rather than all of the big "box" stores. (Not that I lived in "those days," but I sure do know how to romanticize them!)

  2. Great picture!
    Days gone by. I can almost see the old men sitting on the porch, chatting away.

  3. Karen - I found this store while we were out driving around Sunday afternoon. My husband told me he used to go there and buy sandwiches/drinks as a boy.

    Candace - We still have a couple of stores somewhat like this not too far from our house. Where the men still sit and chat away, drink Ski and eat bologna.

    Twisted - I think this picture would look a little better without the couch!


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