All hail to the udder!

The past few days have been a flurry of activity. What with all of our monsoon weather conditions and recovering from Smalltownland's annual Cow Days Festival, this Farmchick needed a break. But, now that my internet signal has's time to get crackin'.

Each year Smalltownland holds a festival to honor all things cow. Now, this type of shindig does include most of your regular things, such as crafts, a killer family-run lemonade stand, and music. There is a 5K run on Saturday morning....right after the traditional ham breakfast served up by the Rotary Club. Mmmmm..... But, it also includes things like a pipe smoking contest, a cow calling contest, and a hay bale toss.

It is a festival of tradition. A meet and greet, if you will. A time for people to have family reunions and gorge their faces with things like ribbon taters, Cattleman's steak sandwiches, and cow pies.....that would be funnel cakes for you non-Cow Days participants.

However, the figure at Cow Days with the most notoriety would have to be Smalltownland's very own fiberglass cow named, Annie.

Annie is a modern marvel and a bit of a celebrity here in Smalltownland. You see, when you gently squeeze her udders it is not milk that comes out. Each udder produces its own special liquid, such as kool aid or soda.

Here I have a picture of my very own Toots squeezing herself some refreshment. The economy has gotten so bad that it is now one dollar for that small drink of refreshment.

This year The Deerslayer was able to work at the "Annie booth" and he signed up for every available shift. Holy Cow! I spent more hours at this Cow Days than I ever have combined in all of my years. I did miss the picture of the weekend. The Deerslayer had to open up Annie's uhhhh....backend to fill her up. Her udders had gone dry.

Now that he has received his "Annie" training I am sure I will be spending even more time at this festival next year. Maybe I will just pitch a tent on the courthouse lawn.


  1. So that's how they fill her up!!! Who knew?

  2. Sound like the kids had fun!
    I'm glad you cleared that up....I was imagining a miniature Kool-Aid man in there with a miniature pitcher and a bag of sugar. tee hee

  3. What a lot of fun! i got mental pictures on that cow thing, whew.


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