And the winner is.....

The time has come for the winner of the Garden and Gun magazine giveaway to be announced. I took this endeavor seriously and decided that the random number generator just would not do. Instead, I opted for the old-fashioned pen and paper method. Here you can see me getting down to business. Since I took this picture with my left hand, it seems the only thing in focus would be my thumb.

Each person's name was carefully written on a piece of the Deerslayer's graph paper and folded ever so neatly. Then it was placed in a wait, I couldn't find one, so I used my Krispy Kreme hat instead.

Gingerly, I shook them all around. Careful not to damage my hat.

And then I drew out the name.....Willow! Congratulations Willow! Please contact me at my e-mail address listed on my sidebar. Thanks to all of you who left me a comment to enter!


  1. I LOVE your hat! Now that is unique! Congratulations to Willow.

  2. Well, now, how fun is this?! WT is especially going to like the "gun" part, collecter that he is. Thank you so much!!! Wow!! :D

  3. Well darn!!!
    I got behind on my reading and missed this.
    Congratulations, Willow!

  4. Just so's you know. I'm stealing that hat next time I come to your house.
    You've been forwarned.

  5. Dejoni - We might be friends and all but, ..... your're not getting my hat....

  6. I get any Kripsy Kremes with that? ;^)


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