Fall is here

The seasons are changing here in Smalltownland. Our dark, dreary, week-long stint of rain has finally passed. The sky is blue, the sun is shining, the temps are cool and the wind is blowing so hard it could knock a man down. It is wonderful. Yet another sign of fall has shown itself here in the household. I have had to set the first mouse trap of the season. It is true.

It's the harsh reality of living life in the boondocks, people.

Seeing as how fall is upon us, Toots and I took it upon ourselves to do a little seasonal decorating around the farmette. We traveled to town to visit with our friend Kathy, who happens to run Cobblestone Farms. Kathy had her fall kickoff and we just had to do a little shopping.

She is very talented and her shop is full of seasonal items, crafts, painted items, furniture, flowers, and right now pumpkins a plenty. I loved her door decoration.

I loved her birdhouse too.

As well as this rusty chair. I love rust. It is kind of like a sickness, really.

Toots and I came home with several pumpkins and some mums that we placed around the farmette.

We also came home with a wonderful cinnamon bun candle that I have already burned down to a nub. Don't worry Kathy, we shall be returning....soon.


  1. I love going to Kathy's. I haven't gotten their yet this year but it is on my to do list.

  2. So pretty! Both farms!
    It's beginnning to cool down here, too. 40's at night, but the days are hot. Yesterday was extremely windy. It could have been March.

  3. The farmette is looking so festive. I love fall and Christmas decorating. I've been so busy with work that I haven't had a chance to pick up some mums and pumpkins. Maybe this weekend! Enjoy the gorgeous weather in Smalltownland, and have a great week!

  4. That looks so pretty. I can't go to Kathy but i have a warm pumpkin pie candle in the window. I love fall, love love love it!

  5. It's beautiful, clear and cold here this morning. Welcome October!!!

  6. OH - you are to kind. Thank you for saying those nice things - it was great to see you and your young lady that day! Your place is beautiful - one day I'd love to visit. And I do hate to see that farm be sold but sadly, it happens a great deal in today's times. It is very unfortunate. Hope everybody in your family is well and have a fantastic Fall Break! Cathy


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