A guilty pleasure for me and a giveaway for you

Right here you are looking at an older copy of my favorite magazine, Garden and Gun. Kudos have to be given to my friend, Southern Fried Momma, for turning me on to this magazine in the first place.

Yesterday my current copy arrived in the mail and I have already perused it from cover to cover. It is published bi-monthly and that is the only thing I don't like about it. I really wish it arrived monthly. This month includes articles on a Kentucky farmer who took the world of croquet by storm, a gentlemen raising pitcher plants, and an article on dove hunting. The best article, by far, is the one titled, "The Secret South", where secret locales on everything from antique stores to the best coon dog cemetery are discussed. A wonderful read, truly.

I will go ahead and admit that the magazine is a little ummmm....."highbrow". A little "frou-frou", if you will. I am certain that I don't generate the annual household income that most of their readers do. However, I do enjoy excellent writing and photography. This magazine has both. Plus, it really focuses on the culture of the south and writes about places that I can actually visit.

How does this all pertain to you? Well, I am giving away a years subscription to Garden and Gun magazine. All you need to do to throw your hat in the ring is leave a comment. I will close up shop on this giveaway on Tuesday, September 15th, at 5pm. That is 5pm Eastern Time.....or fast time for any of you local folks reading this blog.

So, go on and leave a comment! You have nothing to lose and a nice little magazine subscription to gain.

I will announce the winner on Wednesday!


  1. If my husband saw that come in the mail he would only have proof that I am trying to kill him! I love it, I had no idea there was such a thing!

  2. They just need to feature you and your family in one issue. I would definately read that article.


  3. ooooooh I would love to win that, anything to do with reading. What a great looking dog on the cover. I know one of the places in the south you could visit. MISSISSIPPI. You have a friend there.

  4. Nina - That is so kind of you...however, I doubt that we are exciting enough...or fancy enough to go in the magazine!

    Debbie - Glad to put your name in the pot. If you win, I promise you will love the magazine.

    Karen - How sweet, thank you

  5. OK, if your glowing recommendation hadn't snagged my interest, that adorable puppy face would have.

  6. This reminds me of when I had a subscription to "Town&Country" throughout high school, only this set is turned out in Barbour waxed canvas field jackets!

    (And of course, I love the dog on the cover.)

  7. Never seen this magazine, but it's right up our alley, gardening & gun, wow what a combination! - please put my name in the hat for your drawing! Thanks!

  8. I'm throwin' my hat IN!! (crossing my fingers. and toes.)

  9. This sounds like an intresting magazine. I love the picture on the front!


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