Isn't this what a garage is for?

When we bought our farm, almost eight years ago, it came with a very large, detached garage. We are fortunate because we seem to have lots of...."stuff". You know, canoes, paddles, farm stuff, dog stuff, and the list could go on and on. Suffice it to say that we are thankful for this building. But, leave it to Secret Agent Man to come up with an idea for some free wall space.

He likes to climb. You know rocks, mountains and those types of things. Me...not so much. But, he is working on a little apprentice at our house. He even created a climbing wall in the garage for her to do a little training.

She loves it and yes, she is wearing an appropriate safety harness.

I found him on the wall himself, just a few minutes after Toots got finished. He couldn't resist.

I can see him expanding this venture pretty soon to accommodate his size.


  1. Ha! You are so right. Atleast that is the way it would be on this farm. "Always room for improvement."

  2. Train with the boys so you can beat the boys. You go girl!

  3. Precious memories...she will never forget it.

  4. Good grief. At least if he's on a climbing wall (not free-climbing), it's safer than turning him loose with a frog gig, I guess...I hope for your sake that he doesn't decide to expand this to the side of the house or anything.

    Let's also not remind him that the fire department practices ravine rescue off the cliff behind my parents' house!

  5. How neat!! And I'm sure building one will save tons of money going somewhere and practicing!!


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