Thoughtless Thursday


  1. Dejoni - This is a water pump that was out in a field in the Exie area.

  2. Great picture!
    I wonder if that thing still works?
    Did you go try it out?
    I would have had to! I can just see my Captain and Boo sitting on the side, rolling their eyes, while I bounced across the field. But they would have been just as curious as I was. When I got to it they would have laughed because when I tried to lift the handle it would have been rusted and would not move. But I would have taken the camera with me, you know, so they couldn't blackmail me with pictures. tee hee

  3. You have the best pictures! Love the rock climbing wall below too-how neat is that!

  4. I used to really use one of these at my grandparents house. Always had to make sure the wasps hadn't built a nest before pumping.



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