When children come bearing gifts

I love my chiclets. They are unique individuals with such different personalities. But, the one thing they have in common is a sense of humor. Let's take last night for example.

The Deerslayer was outside mowing. Toots was on the basketball court shooting some hoops. Me, I was slaving away in the laundry room. Suddenly I hear a bit of ruckus and the mower stops. Then comes wild laughter. I look outside and both of the children are running to the back porch. I can see that Toots is holding something in her hand. Obviously, it was not a bunch of daisies. Right off the bat I am thinking: SNAKE!

But, I was mistaken. The girl walked right up to the porch with this in her hand.

Yes, it is a mouse. And, it was alive I tell you. The Deerslayer saw him hopping (his words) around in the grass while he was mowing.


How the Deerslayer can spot a mouse hopping around the vast expanse of the yard, all the while spinning around on the zero degree turn mower is beyond me. And then, jump off the mower and catch the darn thing. The child has issues organizing his homework, but he can spot a mouse at 100 yards. The priorities of a middle school age boy....

Never fear gentle readers, the mouse lived to see another day. He was let loose in the pasture.

I let the children know that the least they could have done was to brought me some flowers. I mean, I did actually BIRTH them.

They thought that was funny.


  1. Ewwww...
    I hope they washed their hands AND have all their shots.
    I can't believe Toots touched it!!!

  2. I think that tops the time that my girls came to me bearing a beautifully decorated box. I thought, "oh, they made me something". I should have known better since they were giggling the whole time. I opened the box and behold there was a huge spider!

  3. Funny!
    I have seen grown men jump out of vehicles and catch an opossum.
    Jump off a tractor and run down a rabbit.
    And yes, jump off a mower and catch a mouse or snake.
    Gotta do something to have fun in the country!!!

  4. You know what that is funny. Your kids are funny and that you didn't toss that little rodent to a cat is funny. He'll be baaaaaaccccckkkkk.

    great post.

  5. I'm surprised your intrepid Jack Russell has not taken care of the mice- or do you think it would help if they were coated in marshmallow fluff first?

  6. Oh how funny! My girls once brought me a handful of pink hairless baby mice-saying momma arent' they cute? They found them in the wood pile.


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