Auctions, family farms, and overheated trucks

Tomorrow morning a farm that has been in my family for easily one hundred years, will be sold at auction. Comprised of 68 acres, it sits on the banks of the Green River with sweeping views that my pictures cannot do justice. It almost seems criminal that such a beautiful piece of land would go out of the family like this, but with economic times such as they are, there really is not much choice.

This farm was passed from one generation to the next with my great aunt being the last owner of the property. Her name was Hazel and she passed away a few months ago, necessitating the auction. During her lifetime she raised her family and farmed corn and tobacco on this land, along with her husband. They raised a few hogs, for bacon and ham, along with a several beef cattle. I remember my mom bringing me here to visit as a child. She took me into the chicken house and all I remember were these three things: screaming, laughing, and flying chickens. Needless to say, I was doing the screaming. I am sure, at that point, my mom never thought I would grow up to live on a farm.

This land joined the farm belonging to my great-grandmother, Ethel. Sadly, her property went out of the family many years ago.

This land sits at the VERY end of a long and winding country road. And, I do mean the end of the road. There is no outlet. Literally, you could hop in a canoe and paddle to town. For those of you who know me and think that I live far out in the country I say....BWHAHAHAHA!

The day we went out to visit the farm the skies were rather overcast. Even then, the views were amazing. This picture is right before you get to the banks of the river.

This picture, obviously, was taken on the banks of the Green River. Due to a full week of rain, the river is quite high. A fire pit and a load of wood were sitting at the ready next to the river, ready for a person to sit back and enjoy.

As soon as we had pulled into the clearing something strange started to happen. The gauges on the Mac Daddy Truck started to light up. Sure enough, the radiator was dry. How can someone with the name, "Secret Agent Man", let something like this happen?

Not to worry. Here you can see him trotting to the river with an empty Subway cup and water bottle in his hand. After a few servings of dirty river water, the radiator was as good as new. As we were leaving I turned on my cell phone to order a $5 one topping pizza (swear) at the local T-Mart on the way home. My battery was dead. Secret Agent Man turned his on....his was virtually dead. We are nothing if prepared people. Prepared, I say...


  1. Not to slight the restaurant on Court St. but I drive all the way from "town" to get T-Mart pizza.

  2. Loved it! The writing, that is. I don't love the loss of the farm, but surely understand it. So much history to make you feel connected. C

  3. It's so pretty here. You should buy it and build a house on the river....I'm sure they can pipe sunshine in there too!

  4. Or maybe some mysterious force was hoping you would stay awhile.
    Sorry to hear that the farm must be sold. It's always sad when this happens.


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