A bit of a walking tour

This week the chiclets are on fall break. No school for a whole week. Whew. No homework, no sports, no getting up early and no early bedtime. I LOVE it. Maybe even more than they do. This week my parents are also in town to iron out some details for my Gran's daily care.

So, while the chiclets were occupied with their dad and grandparents, I took advantage of a few minutes to myself, (a rarity, I might add), and strolled around our historic town square. Looking here and there for some shots, as it was a stunning day outside. Clear skies, with temps hovering around seventy degrees.

This house on the square was built in 1848. Built in the Federal style the gingerbread porch was added in the late 1910's. This is one of my favorite houses on Main Street. Currently unoccupied, but still well kept.

The original Corner Drug Store. This used to be the place to sit in a booth and put your money in the little juke box at the table. When I was a kid they were still operational. We would visit in the summer and my mom would bring me here for lunch. I always complained and wanted to sit and spin on the stools at the counter. She made me sit in a booth. The horror....

This is the front of a flower shop that Mr. B and I stopped in today. A very elderly family member passed away yesterday and we stopped to order flowers for the funeral. This family member was well known for her red lipstick and prominent personality. All I have to say is....when I get to be as old as she was....I hope I am still as bold and wearing red lipstick. Amen.

This cabin sits on a small parcel of land that was purchased by a Presbyterian Minister in 1796. The cabin is thought to have been built shortly thereafter, although no specific evidence remains to date the structure.

When I looked down from photographing the cabin....this little creature had snuck up beside me and was sniffing my leg.

In the words of a transplanted southern girl: I like 'ta died.


  1. Great pics! Happy fall break! :)

  2. I love your small town. And I miss mine.
    And that cabin, too!
    I woulda died too. I don't like things sneaking up on em!!!

  3. What a sweet little town you live in, I'm jealous. I'm still stuck on the the white house with green shutters, I wanna live there.

  4. Wow amazing shots you got! Bet the owner of the pooch would pay you for the one of him.

  5. He looks friendly! Loved the tour!

  6. Your pictures are great! Makes me want to come home....almost.


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