A little pumpkin carving

This week the chiclets and I went to school on Monday.....and that was it. School attendance in Smalltownland was so poor that the school board called off school until next Tuesday, November 3rd. Yes, it was that bad. A lot of students have the flu, respiratory infections, and a nasty virus is making its way around. Thus, we are spending some time out at the farmette.

I won't lie....these past few days off work have been quite nice. We have been hanging out and getting some chores accomplished. I assisted The Deerslayer in a massive rearranging/organization of his room. And, I am still alive to tell the tale. Underneath his bed I found the following items...please note this is not a complete list.

fake vomit
an empty soda can
dirty socks
Calvin and Hobbes books
crumpled paper
a pocket knife

Quite frankly, this list could go on forever. I was astonished at his "stash". He more than made up for his disorganization by taking over the pumpkin carving this year. I was glad to pass the torch. It always seemed like I was the one stuck digging out the "pumpkin guts". Now Toots is covered in pumpkin guts. BWAHAHAHA!!

Here he is putting the final touches on his sister's design.

Now you can see that our household ended up with two unique creations.

It looks like one has a stomach virus and the other has an eye affliction.


  1. pumpkin puke is a big deal you know very vogue! Yeah what's under boys beds can be nothing short of sci fi.
    Happy Halloween ya'll.

  2. Cleaver the pumpkin puke.....stay well.

  3. I am resisting the urge you just gave me to look under my son's bed.
    Love their creations! I am wondering though, does the eye infliction start with nausea?

  4. I like Calvin and Hobbes. Although I haven't seen the books I did save their last running on the Sunday comics page.

  5. I love the pumpkin puke! Too funny!


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