Shall we dance?

Willow, over at Willow Manor, is hosting the, "be all end all", of blog events today. A formal ball is being held at her blog and I do hope that you will pop on over see who is attending.

I had a little trouble deciding what to wear and almost ended up without a dress at all. But, I found this number in the back of my closet. I hope it will do.

Robert Pattinson was to be my date for the evening. Not to worry....Secret Agent Man, (aka, my husband), will be providing some backup security for Willow, should she need it. So....he was totally okay with Rob being my date.....*sigh*....Rob is just so, "man pretty".
Anyway, it seems Rob is totally tied up with his new movie coming out soon, so I had a last minute replacement step up to the plate. You know....younger men can be so unreliable.

Mike Rowe will be dashing over from his location on, "Dirty Jobs". Likely, he won't have time to change.

Ladies, try to contain yourselves......he is all mine for the evening.


  1. I think you'll look beautiful in that little number! And I hope your escort, whichever it may be, has the sense to know what a beauty he'll be escorting to the ball.
    Have fun, tee hee!

  2. Hahaha, Man pretty. Nice dress! I just watched Mike inseminate cows last night, I might insist on a change of clothes...

  3. Stunning dress and your dates out do them all! Mike Rowe is a personal favorite of mine, I would not mind trashing my dress for him.

  4. You almost ended up with no dress at all? Well, that would have caused quite a stir! Hee! Although, there is already someone at the ball only wearing his wellies!

    Fabulous date...and wow..your own security! I'm impressed!

  5. That exquisite little number was laying around in the back of your closet?! It's fabulous!!

    Okay if I take a turn around the dance floor with Mike?

  6. It's amazing what people can find in their closet, even out on the farm. What a gorgeous dress! You will be stunning! Are you sure you are not sharing the guy in the water? How hunky is he?! Come by for a dance, it would be so nice to see you... Linda #53.

  7. I was going to ask for a spot on your dance card, but after hearing about your husband, maybe I should just admire you from afar?

  8. Oh my, you were stunning in that dress! But your date, ummmm, what was that last job he dashed from???

  9. You have gone nuts over the vampire boys. Although, I am right there with ya.
    Mike Rowe. You know, I used to not think he was hawt but then I started watching his show and he's always saying something dirty. And you know me, I like a dirty boy.
    Can I take Matthew McConaughy circa A Time to Kill? I can't handle the hippie Matthew but the clean cut southern boy gets me every time.

  10. Ooohhh 'Chelle,
    You have an admirer!!!!
    I think Barry is making SAM nervous.


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