This is my niece, Star. Here you see her being silly at a local talent show a few weeks ago.

Star has a voice that is heaven sent. She got up on the stage and totally rocked the house with her rendition of Patsy Cline's, "Walkin' After Midnight". And, that would just be with her voice and her guitar. It really was that good. She easily won the competition and we were all so proud of her.

This coming week, Star will be doing a studio set with musicians that are coming in from Nashville. This is quite an opportunity for her. We are all sending up our best prayers and wishes for her success.

Lastly, I don't think I could end this post without a little shout out for my other relative...yes, another relative.

Nicknamed, "Whistle", he played his rendition of, "Amazing Grace", on his air drill. He won in his age group. It is true....I couldn't make this stuff up people.


  1. Good luck, Star! I LOVE Patsy Cline!!!
    I would love to hear Whistle play Amazing Grace.

  2. Now, don't be tryin' to cash in just because you're related to the airdrill musician! ;)

  3. Oh, and your MIL told me about Star's talent. I would love to hear her and it sounds like she's got an exciting future ahead of her.

  4. Congrats to Star-wow!! And to Whistle too-now that is real small town talent : )

  5. Congratulations to your neice... Appropriate name. ;)

    I too live in a small town, it is funny how many know your business but I love how many more are willing and just down right wanting to help you out...just when ya need it....(an of course they know when and why you need it) lol

  6. Oh how exciting for her. I wish her all the best! And oh my my - my hubby is related to "Whistle" too - we are kin! hehe Have a great Sunday! Cathy

  7. How exciting for Star!!! You're family is soooo talented.


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