The week in review

This picture was taken this summer in Washington D.C. When free time was abundant, the weather was warm, and the only thing I was worried about was what fabulous thing were we going to do the following day. times have changed. We have moved straight into Fall weather here with our temperatures in the morning predicted to be hovering around 35 degrees. Top that off with thick cloud cover and misty rain falling from the sky. It all makes me want to eat a grilled cheese sandwich with a bowl of tomato soup, and then wrap up under the covers.

This gloomy, wet week has flown by. Work and school obligations make time go by so fast. Although it has been a quick week, it has not been without its moments. Let's check out just a few, shall we?

  • I found the sink, in one of the downstairs bathrooms, filled with rocks, dirt, and a vague film of water. Gross. My son informed me those were not just any rocks, they were flint. Soon to be made into arrowheads. Obviously, Tred Barta is a figure in our household.
  • When I moved to Smalltownland quite a few years ago, I did not like country music. Well, I quickly got used to it, as that is just about the only thing you can pick up on the FM dial around these parts. Just this morning I became acquainted with Loretta Lynn's classic song, "When the Tingle Becomes a Chill". Seriously? I was surprised to hear it on our conservative radio station. However, Loretta's song, "You're the Reason our Kids are Ugly", puts that song to shame. I think I am turning into my mother.
  • Several months ago I took in my brother's dog. A lab/pointer mix that is lovable, but a This week he chewed a hole in my sofa cushion. Words cannot express how I feel about this. Actually they can, but I told my dad I would not use foul language on this blog.
  • Halloween is fast approaching. Thus, my daughter has taken to wearing her vampire teeth around the house. I watched her eat an ice cream cone with a set of those teeth in her mouth. Crazy girl. Do you think I could get my Jack Russell to pose with those teeth in her mouth?
  • All of the various flu strains have shown up around Smalltownland now. Schools are suffering from low attendance already and it isn't even the typical flu season yet. I have used enough hand sanitizer today to likely be suffering from alcohol poisoning.

I believe that concludes my words of wisdom for this week. Best wishes for a restful weekend with plenty of Loretta Lynn, hand sanitizer, and vampire teeth.


  1. So sorry about the couch. I would have a few choice words, too. Once, my son's dog ripped the side out of our couch, because his ball went behind. Yeah, I feel your pain.

  2. Thanks for the chuckles...especially the hand sanitizer overload.

  3. I wasn't interested in country music either, when Linda and I were married and we moved to Northern Ontario.

    During the day there was only one radio station we could access, and it was all Country all the time.

    As we pulled into town, our worldly belongings tied to the top of my car, the announcer on the radio told us the next song was "A Load Of Garbage".

    Turned out to be the title.

    Over time we discovered most country music was much better than that, and some was exceptionally good.

  4. My 7 yo has been wearing neon vampire teeth for weeks now, which sucks because he never shuts up and with those teeth in I can't understand a word he's saying. Some how the dog got a hold of them and chewed them up. (Looking guilty) I have no idea how the dog got them...

  5. Your JRT will EAT the plastic Dracula teeth (I'm remembering the whole bag of marshmallows). Besides, if you get her to open her mouth wide enough, their canines already look like vampire fangs!

    My late Fox Terriers once ate both a couch AND a chair, so I feel your pain. I know an upholsterer if you think there's any way to salvage your sofa.

  6. Barry - Your escapades sound a lot like my life events since moving to my small town. I like it now, but it has not been dull, for sure.

    Debbie - Shame on you....surely you did not do that....and surely I would do the same.

    Airedalegirl - The couch cushion has been flipped over and you cannot tell that I put an iron on patch over the hole. Since the vampire teeth don't taste like marshmallows, I am not sure the JRT will chew them up. That crazy lab/pointer mix on the other hand....

  7. Sorry to hear about your couch. I know how frustrating that is!

    I love that you found rocks- er- FLINT in your sink. That is too funny. And I love country music and haven't heard Loretta's 'Your the reason our kids are ugly.' I'm gonna have to look into that!!


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