The contents of a boy's pocket

I am a girl. I grew up as a girl doing all of the regular girl type things. I read books, played with barbies, and attended sleepovers. I talked on the phone too much, wore Dr. Pepper lip gloss, and played in the band. When I rolled into teenager-land, I kept my room slightly messy and carried a fabulous purse.

Now I am grown and raising a boy. A boy who loves to hunt and hike in the woods. A boy who would wear camoflage everyday of the week, if I would let him. A boy who would sleep with a hound dog under his bed covers and grow his hair long and shaggy. A boy who is a sharpshooter and a collector of pocket knives.

He is also a boy who keeps quite an assortment of items in his pant's pocket.

For instance, let's examine this menagerie of items that I found just the other day while I was sorting the laundry. I don't think I can identify all of these items, but I shall try.

I spy with my little eye a dollar bill, a rubber band, a rock, some change, and an A&W bottle cap.

Hmmmm.....I think that pointy thing might be part of a screwdriver and do I see two shotgun items? I think I see some string and what that black cylindrical thing is, I have no idea. Anyone have a guess? Anyone?

Boys....they are a bit of a mystery to me.

Being a former young girl myself, you would think I have my daughter all figured out. Alas, that would be a lie.

This parenthood gig is turning out to be a bit tougher than I thought.


  1. LOL, the screwdriver part is actually a drill bit, a small one at that.

    I had one son and am familiar with unloading pockets at laundry time with, sometimes, mysterious items. It was when some of those items may have been alive, that freaked me out!

  2. I am sure these are all treasures to him so just ask him to tell you about them...might be surprised what you will learn:):) By the way...I love the new header picture!

  3. Rachel's pockets look the same way. I recently found a fossil, rocks, bubble gum wrappers and a stick in her pocket...and she's a girl?? Where did I go wrong?

  4. I raised two boys. They were so fun. I was a tomboy, so I guess it was easy for me to empty pockets, and all the other things that went along with raising boys. At least he's not bringing home wild critters (yet). We had more critters that you could shake a stick yet. You're in for the ride of your life! Wish mine were little again!

  5. That looks like some things I would find in my boys pocket.
    Once I found dead fishing worms. YUCK!
    Can't help you with the black thing.
    And I agree about the parent thing. Just when I think I've got a handle on it, it boils over!

  6. Gaston - I have found no live items...yet!

    Dejoni - She is just a tomboy. I think those fossils came from the farmette.

    Vickie - We have five dogs, so if he brings home any "critters" I may die.

    Twisted - I swear I think parenthood frequently "boils over" here!

    Changes - I know the rock is a treasure. He loves to look for fossils and arrowheads.

  7. looks VERY familiar......

    almost to a "T"

    the girls never have anything in their pockets around here but hair bands or maybe the occasional feather.........

    you know what we do? we use old mason jars or pickle jars with colorful lids, (that don't say pickles on them - lol) and we label the contents and they stay up on a shelf in the boys' room like artifacts......they love it.

  8. Children the challenge. Never a quite moment.

    I was the opposite to you, one of four boys who married and had two daughters.

    Talk about strange and mysterious, creatures.

  9. Too funny!! I had one prissy girl and one tomboy rock collector. I found so many "neat" items in her pocket that would make her older sister cringe! Then the prissy daughter grew up and had a baby girl who is now 15 and the very biggest tomboy of them all!! She coonhunts and goes squirrel hunting by herself. Is always packing a gun or slingshot or the like, wearing camo and her mother is still around with her lipstick all in place!!!!!!


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