Ho, Ho, Ho and away we go

The Christmas season is upon me and I confess that I really have not started my shopping. I know, I know....I am feeling a might bit disorganized this year. However, nothing really starts the Christmas season in our house like the annual taking of the Christmas card photo.

You would think that as the children get older the photography process would get easier. Not so around this house. I could barely get anyone to sit still and then there was the question of the dogs. As you can see, only two ended up in the photo.

"Someone", couldn't keep their tongue in their mouth.

Another, "certain someone", wanted to pose with her fur lined hood in place.

But, we finally got a couple of good shots.

Although, it seems I kept getting that close lipped Mona Lisa smile out of everyone.


  1. The joys of Motherhood! Getting everyone in one place at the same time, doing the same thing.
    It is a feat not easily accomplished.
    But you did!
    They're great!

  2. You did a good job. The pictures are great. Your babies are growing up way too fast.


  3. I like the pics-even if they were hard to get. I have no presents bought either-so you are not alone : )


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