An old house and a better explanation

Last Thursday I posted a picture of this house that is located down the road from my farm. Still in the original family, it sits in a deteriorated state on small rise, in a field. This house looks like many older farmhouses in our county. Built in the typical I-House style, it is two rooms wide and one room deep, with a central passage in the middle. This type of house is a type of British folk form and they were common in the pre-railroad era. After the arrival of the railroad this type of house continued in its popularity, although porches, rear extensions, some gingerbread trim, and additional chimneys became new additions.

This house, although I have only been lucky enough to look at it from afar, seems to be in the pre-railroad style. Simple in plan, yet very useful for the family for which it was intended. The chimney is composed of local creek rock with a brick extension.

Gaston Studio commented that this would be a wonderful home to renovate and wasn't it a pity that someone hadn't done that already. Unfortunately, there is some family dispute over this house and the land. So, it is likely that this house will remain in this state. In our area it is very common for an older house, located on quality farmland, to be allowed to deteriorate. The family will build a smaller/newer house on a new section of the farm, instead of trying to salvage an older home, even though it may be loaded with character and family history. And, I do realize cost is a huge factor in this equation.

A few years ago an older gentlemen arrived to deliver some furniture to my old/renovated farmhouse. He remarked at how excellent the house was looking. Then he let me know that he helped re-wire my house and at that time raccoons were living in it.

I am a true lover of old houses, but I could have gone forever without knowing that.


  1. Well, atleast they're not living there now!!!

  2. I wonder what it would take to renovate that place besides an arm and a leg and many backs...
    ratcoons? well like B said they aint' there now! that's funny...


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