Warm fall days...

Today was a wonderful day in Smalltownland. Temperatures hovered around 70, with no wind. A gorgeous, mild fall day. Today also happens to be the opening day of modern gun season for deer. Secret Agent Man and The Deerslayer have been hard at it since early this morning. Toots and I, however, slept in and then attended her end of the season soccer party.

Toots and I also did some grocery shopping as I will be cooking for several hunters tomorrow. Stay tuned this week, as recipes will be forthcoming.

I have to say that I have no news to report. No king sized deer was slayed, but Toots and I sure enjoyed the warm weather outside. And, sometimes, that is just a great day in itself. Hoping that wherever you might be, you are enjoying some warm fall days.


  1. No deer yet here either - but he saw one!!! Now, he is anxiously awaiting "its" return. Maybe they will all have better luck today. Enjoy this absolutely WONDERFUL weather! Cathy

  2. Beautiful Fall weather here too. And after the cold, wind and rain last week, it was very welcome.


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