Frost on the barn boots

Here in Kentucky, we have been having some pretty chilly temperatures. Frosty mornings and chilly nights have been the norm for quite a while.

But, tonight that might change.

We are under a weather advisory and just might get a bit of the white stuff. Yes, that would mean some SNOW!

We just might get to dust off the sled and speed down the hill. I'll keep you posted!


  1. Sure hope that you get some of the white stuff. Just enough to make it fun for the kids, but not enough to strand you in the house. We're hoping for a white Christmas here in No. Alabama, least that's what the weather gurus are predicting.

    Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

  2. They first said we would get some of the white stuff, too. But it has changed to further north of us. But we could get ice, which is the norm for our area. More ice than snow.

  3. Hope you get snow. It's not winter without just a little bit of it, just enough to make you thankful you don't live in the north east or Alaska.

  4. We got several inches of snow over here in Lake Redneckville, which is unusual because winter weather systems usually pass right over this plateau and hit y'all back home. For all the hours that it came down in bucketloads, we only have about two inches' worth left.

    I remember the last time my paternal grandmother came from Phoenix to Smalltownland for Christmas before she passed away. There was a very slender prediction for a "wintry mix", but she really wanted to see some snow. We awoke on Christmas morning to a blanket of totally random, unexpected white. That's the year that the huge buck ran across the edge of the back yard during Christmas breakfast. It was truly magical.

  5. Oh, I am SO jealous! :) I want it to snow here. We had cold temps, but by the time the moisture came, so did the warmer weather. Ah well. Say, I just love the composition of the images you took, just lovely!

  6. oohhh no more chill and cold weather.


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