A heartfelt thanks

Last week I posted about the passing of our oldest dog. His name was Brisco and he had been with us for eleven years. I received many touching comments and many other people stopped me in Smalltownland to express their sympathy. Funny how a dog can become a part of your family. Trust me when I say he is still being greatly missed. I have even caught myself looking for him when I was passing out treats this week.

I should mention that we still have four other dogs who continue to reside with us on our farmette. They spread much love, joy, slobber, and dog hair everywhere they go. So here's to the Jack Russell who sleeps under my covers, hides her dog chews in my daughter's bed, and bosses everyone around.

Here's to a Lab/Pointer mix who thinks he owns the couch, has feet the size of King Kong, and often thinks he is a lap-dog.

Here's to Border Collie #2 who rounds up cows, attempts to sort dirty laundry, and must sniff/inspect any food you attempt to give her.

And let us not forget out Australian Shepherd mix who is the guardian and protector of us. So much so that I now must pick up our UPS packages at the will call office.....

Hoping that each and every one of you have a dog to share your life's joys and sorrows with!


  1. Cute puppies! We have four dogs here on the farm, too.
    We also have four horses. And when it's feeding time I still catch myself calling for my husband's horse who passed away about 9 years ago.

  2. Just wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment.
    I just spent some time on your blog and enjoyed it. Our last dog was a big choc. brown/pointer mix that was just a teddy bear. He got out and we never found him. He was so friendly, just have to believe he found a good home.
    I just recently discovered long lost family in Ky. Near Georgetown in Corinth. Have visited there twice this year and fell in love with Ky. We would move there in a minute, but all our kids and grankids (10) live here in Ca.
    Well, will be back here to visit often.

  3. My life would not be complete without my dogs. Its unbelievable how much they bring to your life.

  4. I too am a dog lover...have two that keeps us entertained as well. Great pictures and nice that they each have their special role.

  5. Pets are definitely part of a family, in fact, it's too bad that all human family members don't give such unconditional love 24/7 like our pets do.

    Your Brisco will be looking down on you each day, smiling!

  6. I truly miss having a dog, but we're not home enough to give one the love and attention it deserves. So, I'll just enjoy yours vicariously. Merry Christmas!!!

  7. You have beautiful dogs, each with their own unique personality.

    There is a wonderful energy to dogs that is a true delight.

    We have only one dog, but she has the energy of a whole pack.

  8. that does help it's a lot of love to go around.


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