I am my own Santa....

When I was little....Santa was a magical figure. On Christmas Eve The Babs would declare that we should go look at some Christmas lights after supper. Of course, Mr. B would be too tired/full to go with us and stay at home. We would drive all over the Air Force Base looking at the decorations and lights on the houses. I always enjoyed it. Upon my arrival back at home, I would find gifts and fruit/nuts in my stocking. On one such Christmas there was a lovely little hamster under the tree....in a lovely hamster cage, of course.

These days, I am afraid, the holidays are more business like since I am an adult. Take, for instance, my Christmas gift from Secret Agent Man this year. Upon telling him that I wishing for a certain new camera lens he gave me a totally unknowing look.

I knew what that meant......I had better get on my own gift and pronto.

A quick visit to Amazon and a new camera lens was on the way. I waited and waited...and waited. But, still no box from the company.

I contacted the company only to discover my package had been lost in shipment. Merry Christmas to me.

Not to worry, the company sent me a new camera lens, via overnight express at their cost. Sweet. I have spent my morning attempting some shots with the new camera lens on the Christmas tree ornaments.
Many thanks to those of you who left a comment when our dog passed away. Much appreciated.


  1. I wrote Sarge a very direct email telling him what would make me way happy. Went something like "Dear Sarge, please go to Joann's between 1 and 3 today and tell the woman at the special services counter that your wife would like to sign up for knitting 101 on December 14 and the cake decorating class on the 4 Mondays in December. If they don't give you the discounted rate walk away...." Now he feels like he hunted and gathered for my gift and I get what I want. Now if we had just figured all this out 10 years earlier! Good for you get what makes you happy!

  2. Well your new lens seems to be working great to me!

    So sorry about your loss. Amazing how those furry friends weave their way into every aspect of our lives. And I know from experience how badly they are missed once they leave us.

  3. I heart Amazon! They always come through for their customers!

  4. After years of struggle with what to get each other, hubby and I have agreed to not exchange but rather to go on a trip together...works great:) It is funny how the holidays take on different perspectives with one aging...I miss having little ones that get all excited and surprised with those little things that don't cost a fortune and not having other sets of families to work out sharing time.

  5. When I was little we lived away from family. Our family of 4, before leaving the big city, would go to Christmas Eve mass. As we were getting in the car, my dad would "forget" something and have to go back into our apartment. When we got home from mass we would pack to head to my grandmother's and, wouldja look a-there, SANTA had already paid his visit! I always guessed he just knew that these 2 kids would be leaving for the chaos of a big family and better make his stop early. :)

  6. Great shots! Love that snowman.
    Now, if you're like me, every thing you look at will be...."Wonder if I can get a "good" shot of that?"
    Glad Amazon came through for you!!!

  7. Christmas presents to yourself are always the best..
    Sweet lens.

  8. I am so behind in blogging! Not having my own computer has made it hard to stay abreast. I am very sorry to hear you lost your dog. That hurts so much. A new camera lens may help bring some cheer. the photos are lovely.
    I am my own Santa too, I just bought some clothes. The flat screen TV is not on the sleigh this year, nor the new puter.

  9. Of course, later in life, your children will become your Santa- although I advise SAM to be careful about making them angry before forking over his plastic. Two years ago, Little Sister burned Dad's cards to a crisp for being a smart*** about Mom's gifts. Let's just say Mom got EVERYTHING on her list in 2007, and I'm Dad's personal shopper now...

  10. I'm glad you finally got your camera lens - I know you will do amazing things with it. And I'm terribly sorry about your sweet dog. I never understood the love of a pet until we lost our first dog a few years ago. They really do tug at your heart - after all, they become family. I'm truly sorry. I hope you and your family have a wonderful and blessed Christmas. From one "small town" chick to another - Merry Christmas! Cathy

  11. Yay for a new lens!! I know when MrC said "I'm getting you a camera but I want you to pick it out" for my birthday, I couldn't have been happier!!


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