A Very Grannie Christmas

A few days ago several members of my family gathered together to celebrate Christmas with our beloved Gran. She has been having some trying times, health wise, but has persevered and is now walking with some assistance.

Good times were had and Toots showed some photographic promise by snapping this mother/daughter shot during the festivities.

I will say that most of us really enjoyed passing around the newest addition to the family.

Toots especially loved holding the baby.

Secret Agent Man even took a turn.

Although, he really had the easy duty of holding her while she was sleeping.


  1. Your Gran looks like she's as sweet as my Grandmother was. I miss her.
    Toots took a great picture!
    I don't know which is the sweetest, the sleeping little one, the smile on Toots' face or a Secret Agent holding a sweet little one.

  2. There is nothing quite as sweet as a new baby and an old grandmother; my favorite.

  3. Tell Gran she can adopt me, I want my very own Gran! Nuthin better than a man holdin' a baby.


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