When you're cool like me....

Last year, around this time, I traded in my aging SUV for a smaller vehicle. A car, no less, that I quickly dubbed my, "midlife crisis car". Small, red, and sassy, it serves its purpose by getting me around Smalltownland using minimal gas.

However, I have a bit of an antique habit. I love the odd piece of rusty junk and quite often will cart something home, even if I don't know what I will end up doing with it. Take yesterday, for example. The chiclets and myself were out and about, running errands and doing a little Christmas shopping. I came upon a large star made out of old tobacco sticks and a a refurbished garden cart.

I decided that they had to come with me.

Even if I had children and packages in my car already.

It was quite a feat of engineering to get those two pieces in the backseat....and someone still had to ride back there!

Not to worry, everyone arrived home safe and sound.

For now the star is propped up in the "red room".

Secret Agent Man was especially excited about these purchases. Whenever I arrive home with such purchases his traditional statement is typically, "Where are you going to put that?"


  1. They look beautiful and well worth the effort.

    Now where are you gonna put em? lol

  2. So funny!
    I'll bet he will be involved in the "putting" of the star.
    I mean, we bring home the things that make our house a home, the least they can do is help "put" it where it goes.

  3. I'm so with you on this one - if you gotta have it - you gotta have it. I've threatened putting somebody riding on the top if it means getting "the find" home! hehe Have a great break and Merry Christmas! Cathy


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