Who is this person?

The Deerslayer seems to be moving toward adulthood at lightening speed. I rarely capture a picture of this kid. If I catch him still, then he refuses to have his picture taken. So, today when he invited me out to his new, "structure", and told me to bring my camera, I could not refuse.

He decided to replicate a survival structure that he had seen on, The Discovery Channel. He was doing a great job, until our Jack Russell Terrier crashed through the roof. But, he took it all in stride.

When I came back in the house and looked at this picture.....well, it just seemed like a whole new person looking at me.


  1. And what a handsome person that was, looking back at you!

  2. Very creative!
    And he let you take pictures?!
    Yay, for you!

  3. Don't blink or he will be full grown.It all happens toooooo fast!

  4. They grow up fast, don't they! You turn around and they're grown. Wish they'd stay little longer. I miss little ones sitting in my lap and hugs and kisses...

  5. Aww. I have such fond memories of my kids building all kinds of forts and hideouts. Relish the years, they pass so quickly.

  6. i hope my children will continue to let me take pictures of them when they grow to his age! lovely shots.


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