Farm chores

I am not a Secret Agent Man, but I play one on the farm when I dress in his overalls and work boots. Yes, chores had to be accomplished on the farm during the cold weather. Since Secret Agent Man was at work, I took it upon myself to appropriate his cold weather gear. I think this crazy sideways picture is typical of how things run around here.

Our barn is top secret, as you can see by the sign on the door. No pictures were taken of the interior. You know, the tractor and meadow muffins inside are all government protected.

I had a little help today in the form of The Deerslayer. He has been pretty tolerant of my picture taking lately. We checked the stock tanks and cleared away the ice. The cows were all accounted for and apparently loving the snow. You would think they would be laid up in the toasty barn, but no.

Since there wasn't enough snow on the grassy areas, for the sled to be operational, the scooter seemed to work nicely on the road. Thus taking my son on down the road before I could think up anything else that needed to be done.

This left me with some time to enjoy the scenery.......

Many thanks to Mother Nature.


  1. She did paint you a pretty picture!!!

  2. Love the pictures!!!

    I am disappointed, however, in the amount of snow we received here in No. Alabama. The weather gurus were predicting 1-3 inches and received 1/2" (I think). I can't complain too much because the kids were able to enjoy another 4-day weekend. :-)


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