A walk to the springs

I think it's about time that we took a walk to the spring that is located on my farm. Known as, "The Waterfall", to us, it is a series of small falls that come out from a hillside. Located just a downhill walk from my front porch, this spring provided fresh water in the early days of my farmhouse. Make sure you have on your best hiking boots, as the slope is a little slippery from the leaves and recent rain.

Our first stop is at this structure. We think it is the early well. The top has been covered, but it is located directly above a strong water source. Wonderful stonework and amazing to think how much time/skill it took to devise this structure.

The first of one of four small waterfalls on our walk. After a good rain, the falls flow quite strongly. In fact, after a good rain, you can hear the falls rushing while you sit on my front porch.

This we believe to be the remnants of the old spring house. The stones are fitted together perfectly and there is some nice moss growing. This is a favorite, "hunting spot", in the warmer months. See that little trickle of water there in the corner. Well, it can flow quite heavily. After big rains, we can come here and find all matter of incredibly old stoneware, pottery, and mason jars/lids. Now, mind you, these are shards, bits and pieces of things. But so interesting to think who was the last person that touched them. Or, maybe what food items the container held.

The spring house flows into this little stream. We have also found many shards of pottery here too. Bits of plates and curves of bowls or cups. I have also found an arrowhead that looks like it was not quite finished. Very rough, but shaped quite accurately.

This is our last stop for today. And, quite possibly, our most interesting. This small waterfall involves a cave. You can see the opening here at the top part of the picture. Water flows from the cave and down these moss covered rocks. My Australian Shepherd loves to hop right up those rocks and walk into the cave. He doesn't seem to go very far and comes right back out to take a drink.

It is time to head back to the house. And, we have no choice but to go up.....straight back up that slippery hill we made it down. The dogs will lead the way and do be careful.


  1. A great walk and I didn't get winded or slip even once:)Love your place.

  2. I so enjoyed our walk. It was a little steep getting back up, though. Seriously, I am so envious that you have that beautiful waterfall, stream and all the history that goes along with it on your property. Beautiful.

  3. Loved the walk around your farm. I wish I lived on a piece of land that had waterfalls and caves. You are surrounded by history.

  4. I can't tell you how very cool that is!! I love waterfalls. I think they are so beautiful!

  5. Thanks for the interesting walk!
    It reminds me of the place I grew up in WV. I sure miss those mountains!


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