Wishing and Dreaming

It is still quite cold here, with temperatures still in the twenties today. This has been a long cold snap for our area. It is only January and I am already pining for some warm weather.

Wishing for more family trips to the National Zoo.

Dreaming of our trees bearing fruit.

Wishing for some more two-tone sunflowers in the garden this summer.

Dreaming of blackberry picking. Okay maybe not picking them myself, but you know...the warm weather that comes with the whole process.

Wishing for blue skies, bright sunshine, and lots of green around the farm. Heck, even the weeds in this picture look good right now.

The temperature is supposed to rise into the forties tomorrow. Practically a heat wave, I tell you.


  1. We had a heat wave here today, too. Got up to 55! I hear it may do it again tomorrow! Best get my shorts and flip-flops out, I guess. Wait, I've always got my flip-flops out.

    I love your blackberry pictures. My mouth is watering for cobbler. I doubt Mrs. Smith's frozen cobblers are anywhere near as good as homemade, but it might do in a pinch. I'll hafta put it on my grocery list...

  2. Me too!! I am sooo ready to wear flip flops.

  3. I'm right there with you!
    It was in the 50's here yesterday and I was loving it.
    I'm with Dejoni, too. I miss my flip flops!
    Love that sunflower!!!

  4. I'm dreaming of it all, too, except for the weeds. I hate pulling weeds, but I do love picking blackberries!

  5. We have temps in the 40's today too. I feel as if spring is in the air...but KNOW BETTER as we are SURE to get more winter weather!

    Your photos give me hope!


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