The family daredevil

This tiny person......high on the my daughter.

Snowboarding with great abandon.

Trying her best to stay upright.

Enjoying every moment.

Even when she crashes at the end.
There are other creatures, however, who prefer to snuggle in the house.
Wrapped up in the blanket, with their buddy, in the upstairs office.


  1. I applaud your daughter's sense of adventure, but snuggling is more my thing. I'm glad y'all got to enjoying some playtime in the snow.

    We were hoping to get more snow this past weekend, however, ended up getting freezing rain and sleet. Ick!

  2. So glad she had a great time - we went sleigh riding too on an intertube. I love, love, love the snow! We may soon get a lil' more or so they say! Have a good week! Cathy

  3. Is she practicing for the next Olympics???
    Girl's got it goin' on!!

  4. Well, it looks like fun to me!
    And at her age I would have been up there with her.
    Now, I'd rather snuggle with the critters by a crackling fire.


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