The Farm Olympics

A few days ago we had some spectacular weather. Blue skies, warm temperatures, and abundant sunshine filled both weekend days. We spent every conceivable moment outside. Finally, with some natural light, I took the camera out for a walk.

It started out innocently enough. While snapping some good shots, I caught Toots and Charlie on top of the hay roll. What a sweet couple.....and then it started.

Toots jumped off the hay roll and Charlie followed.

Then she decided to attempt the Superman leap over the roll.

Her brother followed, but didn't fare so well.

Of course Charlie tried to stay on top of the games.

There was hay in hair, in pockets, up noses, and everywhere in between. I am wishing I had a hay cleaning problem to look forward to this weekend. We are expecting a rain/snow mix for tomorrow. When is the cold weather ever going to end?


  1. How could SAM try to give me that adorable doggie.....I will take him. He is too cute!!

  2. What fun!!

    Left something for you on my post today, drop by and pick it up.


  3. Looks like they had a great time. Reminded me of late spring when everyone around here is cutting their hay.

  4. those were great! what a fun idea!

  5. One thing leads to another, right?
    I love your blog and I am still laughing about your choice for a garden statue.


  6. Been purty weather down here too.
    I don't know about the cold, but I'm thinking Mother Nature has been spending too much time with the north wind!!

  7. That looks like tremendous fun!

  8. Looks like lots of fun :)

    I'm jealous of your cookware present-man that is nice!


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