Forgotten photos and the Gradyville Flood of 1907

Last night, while going through some photos, I came across a file that I forgotten existed. One of my favorite things to do is have Secret Agent Man drive along the countryside, while I attempt to get some good photos. Typically this means that I say, "stop!", he brakes, backs up, and then I take a picture. I have to say, he is very understanding about this.

I also have to say I am missing the sunshine and fields full of tobacco.

I found this photo of a cow giving me a good, "MOO".

I also found this photo of some funky tree fungus. Interesting, yet gross at the same time.

During the particular country drive we were on, we stopped at a church cemetery. I have to admit that I think cemeteries have their own unique beauty. The older headstones often contain beautiful lines of poetry or special verses. I was intrigued when I came across this stone, as it was the grave of a child who died in the Gradyville Flood of 1907. This was not something I was familiar with in our area. After a little investigation I came across the following article that was printed in The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, Fort Wayne, IN, July 9, 1907.

"Louisville, KY, June 8th....Twenty-one persons are dead and the village of Gradyville, in the southern part of the state, is almost destroyed as the result of a cloudburst, which sent a volume of water down upon the place shortly after midnight.
The storm began about 10 o'clock last night and increased in intensity until 12:30am, when its height was reached. The cloudburst turned Big Creek into a torrent, which poured a great volume of water down upon Gradyville.
Nearly every house in the place was washed away and those who met death were drowned or crushed to death in their houses as they were torn from their foundations.
Gradyville has a population of about 150 and is eighteen miles from a railroad."
The article goes on to provide a complete list of those who perished. Interestingly enough, there are some names on their that might be of relation to Secret Agent Man's family.


  1. How interesting! I've never heard of the Gradyville flood either. Wonder if alot of the deceased had family ties to this area?

  2. I miss the sunshine, too!
    Love that cow picture.
    Interesting information about the Gradyville flood. We don't hear of cloudbursts anymore.
    There was a cloudburst in WV years ago, near where I'm from. In a place they call Magazine Hollar. The same thing happened. It was terrible, from what I hear. It was way before my time.

  3. Wow, how interesting about the flood! I guess with our modern roads and drainage, we don't have to worry about cloudbursts much anymore - not like they used to. THat's pretty neat to learn something about the history of your town.


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